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Going Green

Updated: Sep 23, 2019

Going green, or at least becoming more environmentally aware is vital for any organisation, more so for our industry, because we, through the events and conferences we hold, invite into our buildings 1000’s of people every year, who look to see if we are making the effort to be environmentally sustainable. So what are our green credentials? How deep do they go or are they just window dressing?

Let’s talk about what we have already done and what we continue to do. These things are important to us here at The King’s Centre and are not just lip service, but are a genuine attempt to do things better. Some things are large some are small but all help in leaving a cleaner greener city, county, country and planet for those who come after us.

· A few years ago The King’s Centre installed Solar panels, to date this has helped us produce over 92000Kw of energy and save over 53,000Kg of Co2.

· We have water points in the building and we encourage our visitors to refill, free of charge, their water bottles.

· We have done away with using single use plastic water cups, in our meeting rooms it is glass only.

· Our Coffee cups are fully recyclable or ceramic.

· We no longer use plastic cutlery. Stainless steel or wood is our choice.

· We only use fully recyclable paper in our printing.

· We have a green parking policy in conjunction with the City of Oxford; we only allow, at any one time, a maximum of 60 cars a day through our gates.

· Hand in hand with our green policy goes our social responsibility policy.

· We are a not for profit organisation, so all our profits go back into local community projects.

· We ensure that our grounds are litter free.

· We support environmental causes like BBOWT.

· We use Rain Forest Alliance certified coffee.

· Half of our staff either, walks to work, uses public transport or cycles.

· Our photocopier is used on economy mode only.

Like all things when it comes to change and the plastics and green issues, there is a need to take baby steps; there will always be hidden plastics for example in any conference or event we hold. We here at The King’s Centre are determined to do our best in this area and be a responsible and active partner with regards to sustainability in our local community.

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