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Refurbishment starts at The King’s Centre.

Updated: Sep 23, 2019

Sometime ago it was agreed that the Cotswold Hall- the second largest Hall here at The King’s Centre at 900m2- needed a major makeover. But just doing a major refurbishment like this needed a great deal of thought.

There is an old first century saying that encapsulated our thoughts; “If a man builds a tower does he count the cost.” In other words have we planned it properly? In our industry it isn’t just a question of finance, but of design, aesthetics and timing.

The King’s Centre is a not-for-profit organisation; all our profits are passed to the charity that own us and used for community projects. So when it comes to finance we cannot raise the required sums for major refurbishments from places like the banks, but we have to look to our own cash flow to ensure that we do not let down those communities which are so dependent on us. It was decided therefore to do the quarter million pound refurbishment over three years.

Like most venue and events centres getting the timing right is important. We didn’t want to have clients walking round scaffold and weaving their way around construction equipment and trades people. We also didn’t want noise to interfere with client meetings. It was decided, therefore, to start our refurbishment in August when everyone was on vacation.

During the weeks that followed our Cotswold Hall was repainted, new storage was built and a new floor was laid, which gives us the option to have a catering area and a great new carpeted area.

Future works will include a new ceiling, eco water cooling systems, which will helps us maintain our green credentials and a semi-automated walling system to create a new space within a space for events of 150-200.

Our Cotswold Hall is ideal for all sorts of different events: conferences, exhibitions and trade shows and wedding receptions. If you have never been to The King’s Centre why not visit us? Come and be part of our exciting makeover and watch the transformation over the next few years.

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